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Our philosophy

Aeratron is the culmination of a partnership focused on a singular pursuit: Creating harmony between technology and the natural environment through design that benefits the lived experience.

The end result is a collection of simple, functional, aesthetic products inspired by nature and efficient by design.

Quality, attention to detail and Swiss engineering have created elegant, energy-efficient, award-winning fans, including a Gold at the International Design Awards in the USA, and an Australian International Design Award.

We’ve taken our cues from the powerful glide of Australia’s Wedgetail Eagle (AE+ series) and Frigate Birds (FR series), and the latest innovation in aeronautical design. That’s why our two and three-dimensional airfoil fan blades create a noiseless, smooth airflow across a wide angle, cooling more of every room while using up to 80% less energy than a conventional fan (and saving up to 30% on winter heating and summer cooling costs).

Our commitment to being a responsible and ethical company is more than skin deep. From compostable packaging and biodegradable components to the thoughtful consideration given to every aspect of fan development and distribution - good citizenship and intentional design is central to our company’s DNA. By rethinking the relationship between air and the built form, we’ve engineered environmentally-conscious, energy-efficient performance with fans as beautiful as they are functional.

And we’re not finished.

We’re listening to you – our customers, to architects and engineers, to industry insights – so we can continue evolving and growing. From Wi-Fi integrated smart controls to new ways to shift air and reduce our carbon footprint, we’re driven to do better.

Silent by Nature - Efficient by Design