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Save money on your energy bills with Aeratron

With energy bills on the rise, how can you be certain about which ceiling fan to choose as you wade through claims and promises being made online? Is there a simple way to sort the truth from the troublemakers?

The answer lies in doing your research with a credible energy rating provider. In the USA, that’s ENERGY STAR, a government-backed entity tasked with providing simple, truthful, and unbiased information that consumers and businesses can rely on for making well-informed decisions.

With easy-to-follow dashboards comparing products across a range of categories, the site helped Americans save $35Billion in energy costs in 2018 alone. Taking a minute to compare before you click, the site is a smart way to help your home, business or project do its part to support the environment by reducing energy consumption – while reducing your electricity bills.

Comparing ceiling fans

For unbiased results, products are tested by accredited labs, and certified by a third party before being given their ENERGY STAR rating. For ceiling fans, that includes meeting strict energy efficiency, quality, and performance criteria set by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

With our focus on sustainability, Aeratron is proud that all of our fans have held ENERGY STAR Most Efficient ratings since 2013 – that’s seven years in a row. Our fans are consistently among the most efficient medium fans on the market, which translates to cheaper electric bills for you, and a better result for the environment.

Ready to research?

ENERGY STAR is a free resource available online. Explore now before making your choice about which fan is best for your home, business or project.