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The technology behind our fans

The Technology Behind Our Fans

Organic ceiling fan design for cutting-edge performance. Aeratron ceiling fans fit seamlessly into any space with energy-efficient elegance. Quality, attention to detail and Swiss engineering have resulted in a collection of simple, functional, aesthetic products inspired by nature and efficient by design. The technology underpinning our fans has allowed us to maintain the coveted ENERGY STAR – MOST EFFICIENT rating for more than 10 years in a row.

Optional WiFi - Smart Fans

All our fans are now rolling out worldwide with "optional WiFi" allowing you to connect to your smart home with our optional WiFi module.

Winglet Tips Inspired by Nature

Inspired by the aerodynamic design of powerful gliding birds like the Australian Wedgetail Eagle, our signature winglet tips glide gracefully and silent, reducing drag to move more air by doing less.

Swiss-Engineered Self-Balancing System and Aeratron DC Motor

Our Aeratron DC motor and patented Swiss-engineered self-balancing system keep the blades in a steady, aerodynamic equilibrium, eliminating the noisy wobbling that’s typical of conventional ceiling fans.

Together, these Aeratron innovations reduce energy consumption and noise levels by up to 50% while maintaining optimal airflow for more comfortable cooling. That’s maximum output for minimal power consumption.

X5 More Efficient Lighting

Elegant design calls for elegant solutions. Inspired by California’s energy efficiency standards T24, Aeratron fans include optional lighting with energy-saving 6watt bulbs. That’s x5 less wattage than a conventional fan, shining a light on reduced electricity costs.

Save 50% on Winter Heating Bills

Our Reverse function circulates warmer air from the ceiling back down into the room to maximize the efficiency of your heating system.